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Vega Development is ready to share twenty years of experience with your team.

Having lived and worked in both civil engineering design and management of real estate development projects in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area for two decades, Ines Vega is motivated by taking on challenges and seeking out solutions that shape a community’s future. Vega Development Group is established with a purpose: to share with your organization Ines’ ability to work with others, valuing different points of view, seeking diverse perspectives to resolve complex matters and create trustworthy relationships with team members and the community. We are passionate about helping create sustainable, high quality of life environments for families to thrive in.

Our Services

• Fee estimates
• Feasibility studies including financial and schedule analysis for viability of new projects
• Develop and execute plans
• Budget and schedule preparation and control
• Conceptual planning coordination
• Navigate complex processes
• Select/assemble/lead multidisciplinary teams • Interact with government, community, consultants, contractors and internal team
• Manage contracting process and development efforts
• Assimilate and summarize critical information for executive decision making
• Proposal preparation
• Monitor and review legislation and regulations and participate in the public process
• Knowledge of environmental concepts and regulations
• Proficiency in common business and scheduling software
• Bilingual in English and Spanish

Seeking Out Solutions That Shape a Community’s Future

Vega Development is ready to share twenty years of experience with your team. Ines Vega has been intimately involved in projects with exceptional characteristics and intricacy, from planning and preparing financial pro-forma for projects of all types and sizes to effectiveness in the most challenging entitlements. She has worked in most jurisdictions around the Washington Metropolitan Area. From her early career in civil engineering consulting to her project management experience with national and local developers and builders, she has acquired understanding and skills that help obtain approvals and keep your projects in full compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations. We can help strengthen relationships in each area to be able to optimize results for the community and your organization. We appreciate the importance of supporting sales, construction, operations, customer service, accounting and executive team in order to facilitate the success of your project.

We harness our communication and problem solving skills in order to provide the best options for your projects, understanding your particular market and organization’s needs.

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Bethesda, Maryland 20814, US

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